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Achieve a healthy and lovely lifestyle. You can get this by understanding your body needs, a good diet and mental focus throughout the exercise. A smooth way of life, instead of ‘a fast fix’, attain womb-to-tomb happiness, health, and fitness. Notice yours thanks to total relaxation, a harmony of body and mind. Gather new strength for life’s challenges. Studies shows, the effectiveness of a body massage as it is a beneficial treatment for reducing muscle’s tension, pain and stress.

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Thai Massage

Uses acupuncture points - Ancient system - Indian Ayurveda methods, and lazy yoga positions.

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Swedish Massage

A traditional, classical relaxing massage – uses five styles stroking, shaking, kneading, gliding and pounding.

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Combination Massage

Combined massage therapy – includes techniques of deep tissue massage, hot stone reflexology, Swedish massage and trigger point therapy.

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Before the massage, my body was in full stress, tight muscles especially my back and legs and after the massage, my inner world was totally changed. It was a quite good experience with Rawee Thai massage. Recommended!.

~ By Sofia James ~
What We Do?

About Rawee Thai Massage

Our mission is to provide authentic body massage in the form of Thai, Swedish and combination massage-style at reasonable rates. We emphasized professionally on relaxation and pain relieve service.

We use one hundred percent natural seasoning balm for muscle pain, performed by the senior expert therapist.

The basic goal of Rawee Thai massage medical care is to assist the body to heal itself and to extend health and well-being. Massage isn't a cure for any serious conditions however it is often very helpful in providing welcome relief from the symptoms of the many ailments.

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