Combination Massage therapy

Combination massage therapy is consist of more than one massage style including Swedish massage techniques as well like deep tissue, hot stone and trigger point therapy etc. These multiple styles will be carried out according to your specific need and preferences.

This massage could be a combination of classical partial massage and reflexology massage.  It gives a pleasing treatment with nutrient almond and oil to relax your back and neck muscles, followed by reflexology. This works on the complete body, activating doable self-healing.

As it is the combination of different massage it will definitely gives combined result to your body and soul.


  1. therapeutic massage
  2. Acupressure and stretching.
  3. Swedish style
  4. passive yoga medical aid
  5. Treatment to unleash energy blockages and deep tissue to figure on areas of chronic muscular pain or tension. Extremely effective, this bodywork treatment relaxes and restores.
  6. stretching to extend flexibility and vary of motion


  1. It is the powerful solution for chronic pain and other joints.
  2. It is Beneficial for Circulation and metabolism.

It not only gives physical benefits like

  1. A boosted immune system and Better circulation
  2. Detoxification and lower blood pressure
  3. Increased mobility and balance
  4. Improved posture and muscle flexibility
  5. Relief for back pain and arthritis

 But also emotional benefits like

  1. Clear and calm mind
  2. Improved emotional balance and concentration
  3. Higher the stamina and inner energy
  4. Overcome anxiety and stress
Combination Massage therapy
Combination Massage therapy
Combination Massage therapy
Combination Massage therapy