Swedish Massage therapy

Swedish massage therapy is the most popular western style massage. It was introduced by physician Pehr Henrik Ling for promoting relaxation and general health.

  1. It includes a western concept of physiology and anatomy. It primarily aims to relax the whole body.
  2. It is good for the beginners those didn’t get a massage often. Such kind of massage is performed by the professionally trained therapist.


Its standard time is approximately 30 to 60 minutes. In the process, therapist lubricates area of massage with good oiling and performs traditional massage strokes like circular pressure by hand and palms. Such kind of movement heats your body up breaking adhesions and releasing tension from the body.

  1. Long, sweeping strokes over a muscle that facilitate to interrupt up trigger points
  2. Kneading the muscle to figure deeper into the affected space
  3. Rhythmically sound a section with cupped hands to facilitate relaxation
  4. Friction or rubbing a muscle cluster quickly with the palms to stimulate heat
  5. Vibration or exploitation the fingertips to quickly shake a muscle back and forth.


  1. It will calm down depression and nervous level reducing stress and anxiety giving a full sense of relaxation. Helps to Keeps your immune system performed properly. It gives satisfying sleep and good for pain management. Increases bold flow and circulation which helps to increase the level of oxygen and brain functioning.
  2. Swedish massage medical aid will be used with a variety of alternative physical challenges, reminiscent of reduction in connective tissue by physically manipulating the fibers of the tissue, permitting the connective tissue to be with success reabsorbed into the skin.
  3. In addition, it will aid with humor emptying, wherever the long strokes of the healer. Facilitate to move fluids with success out of clogged areas.
  4. Helps to manage chronic pain and sprained ankle.
Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy
Swedish massage therapy